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How Donations Make a Difference

Nonprofit organizations help to enhance the lives of our communities through various charitable interests, but unfortunately and oftentimes they do so with very limited resources. Many rely heavily on volunteers and little to no-cost access to essential supplies that help foster and grow their initiatives.

There are several challenges to operating a nonprofit, especially when it comes to setting and maintaining a strict budget. It’s recommended by CharityWatch.com that nonprofits allocate 60% of their budget to programming, leaving only 40% to everything else, including the tangible items needed to operate successfully, like furniture.

This means that many nonprofits aren’t able to spend the desired amount of their budget on the materials needed to perform to their full potential. Because of this, nonprofits will seek additional support through partnerships and fundraising, volunteers, and of course, donations.

At Greener Source, we connect registered nonprofits to high-quality furniture generously donated by decommissioned businesses. By providing access to thousands of warehouse items through our exclusive online database, updated regularly, registered nonprofits are able to browse and request items that are not available to the public for purchase. This gives nonprofits the opportunity to obtain items that they may not be able to afford otherwise.

With over 1.5M nonprofits registered in the US alone, the need for donations is crucial to continue to support charitable groups.

[Greener Source] has been a truly valuable partner by helping us furnish our new club spaces. We are so grateful for their service, and the money we saved goes right back into the programs we offer for young people in our community. We are proud to be part of this creative environmentally friendly approach.

Jill Jacobson, Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside —

To learn more about our efforts to support nonprofits, check out our case studies, including “Zero Waste Benefits Three Austin Nonprofits” where 100% of furniture was donated, benefiting the greater community.

When only 88% of nonprofits operate under a total budget of $500,000 or less, every donation counts. By providing nonprofits with furniture donations, we hope to support continued programming and budgeting concerns, giving back to the groups that regularly support our communities so passionately.

To learn more about how your business can help support a local nonprofit, visit us at here.