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The Greener Source Story

After eighteen years of providing personalized, brick and mortar-like service and successful workspace design to the San Francisco Bay Area, Greener Source was formed as a sister company to Better Source. Greener Source’s very foundation was a direct response to a growing need for renewability and social responsibility within the workspace decommissioning industry.

In doing so, Greener Source recognized that groups within local communities, including schools, churches, and registered nonprofits lacked sufficient resources and budgeting to afford appropriate office furniture needed to safely and effectively carry out initiatives.

Troubled by the staggering 8.5M plus tons of office furniture ending up in landfill each year, President/CEO Jennifer Denny and Founder/COO, Darryl Denny, challenged themselves and their team to formulate a process that would directly address eliminating furniture waste and providing office items to registered nonprofits – at no charge.


Greener Source’s innovative approach walks businesses through the decommissioning process and outfits registered nonprofits with high-quality, pre-owned items – a concept that evolved from the same principles of Better Source and is run by the same expertise. The drive to provide unmatched services and quality office items in a way that both supports the environment and community is the backbone of Greener Source’s promise to address the issues of landfill accumulation and limited resources among charitable organizations.

From assessing a workspace and the furniture needed to be removed from a project, to reselling, donating and recycling assets, Greener Source delivers value back to businesses and creates new opportunities for registered nonprofits.

Woman-owned, eco-friendly and community orientated, Greener Source provides an environmentally responsible solution and tested process to completely decommission businesses, keeping surplus furnishings out of landfill and supplying registered nonprofits with furniture items they need through donation.

We’re not just doing what’s good, but what’s right. When you choose to work with Greener Source, you’re doing the same.

If you are a business looking to decommission or a nonprofit seeking furniture donations, learn more here.