Responsible Decommissions & Zero-Cost Donations

For Companies & Charitable Organizations

Who We Are

At Greener Source, we’re dedicated to decommissioning businesses in the most cost effective and eco-friendly way possible. We work directly with companies to ensure that the office furniture they no longer need is either resold for the best value, donated to registered charitable organizations or recycled by material. By committing ourselves to sustainability and complete customer satisfaction, we help organizations grow and better our planet one furniture item at a time.

Our Services

  • Assess

    Greener Source begins the process by analyzing the project, identifying the best course of action for each individual asset, recommending a course of action and executing the agreed upon tasks.

  • Project Management

    Greener Source operates utilizing a start to finish approach. To keep it simple for your team, we manage it all from engagement and onboarding to decommissioning, pick up and delivery.

  • Liquidate

    Our sister company, Better Source, has been in the liquidation business for 23 years! Better Source buys quality products from Greener Source and brings them back to market for companies to enjoy. This resale process offsets the project cost for our clients and keeps items out of landfill.

  • Donate

    Office furniture that is not suitable for resale is offered through our network of charitable organizations. Nonprofits are notified when products are available and can request what they need, at NO COST, through our website.

  • Recycle

    Items that are obsolete, damaged or in other ways not suitable for resale or donation are broken down into their core materials and reintroduced back into the manufacturing cycle.

  • Deliver

    Greener Source can deliver office furniture anywhere across the U.S.A. Though our mobile fleet typically delivers to locations across Northern California, we also have a team ready to deliver your office furniture anywhere your business resides.

  • Reporting

    Throughout the process, Greener Source collects supporting documents to demonstrate industry-leading transparency and accountability. This is designed to provide insight into the environmental and social benefits of the project.

What We Do

Greener Source is dedicated to decommissioning workspaces in the most sustainable process possible. We bring value back to businesses through liquidation and resale while creating opportunities for nonprofits by donating sustainable workspace solutions and avoiding the landfill.

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Why We Do It

8.5 millions tons of office furniture are added to landfills annually. At the same time, there are thousands of nonprofits in need of quality office furniture. We are here to connect the two at no cost to charitable organizations. Our goal is simple—decommission workspaces in an eco-friendly and cost-effective manner while making a positive impact by furnishing organizations in need.

Our Locations

  • Silicon Valley Business Office

    33 North 1st Street, Campbell, CA 95008, USA
    Campbell, CA 95008
    (650) 345-9605
  • Warehouse Location

    30799 Wiegman Rd, Hayward, CA 94544, USA
    Hayward, CA 94544

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