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Save time, money and the environment.

Whether your company is going out of business, moving or downsizing, our experts take care of all removal, resell, donation and recycling of workspace items. You receive all earnings as well as all necessary documentation and reports (i.e. tax deductible donations).

In doing so, we help you navigate this transition and eliminate waste sent to landfills, creating a greener, more resourceful and effective way of removing workspace materials while supporting the community.

Some of our customers include:

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How Does It Work?

Our specialists align with your company to execute a personalized and thorough plan. We guide you through each step to ensure that you receive the most potential value for your furniture items.

Assess &

Assess furniture that will be removed and provide a cost to decommission.

Resell, Donate
& Recycle

Furniture items are either resold, donated to registered nonprofits, or recycled by material.

& Report

We personally manage your project throughout every step and provide full documentation once completed.

We have been so happy – thank you! We have recommended you to two other local non-profits.

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