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Greener Source is dedicated to decommissioning workspaces in the most cost-effective and sustainable process possible. We deliver value back to businesses through liquidation proceeds, earnings from recycled materials, and proper tax documentation from donations made to our growing list of registered nonprofit organizations.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, our in-house project management and services team stems from 23 years of industry experience and the success of our sister company, Better Source, a trusted name in creating beautiful and functional workspaces.

  • 8.5M tons of office furniture go to landfills yearly

  • 4% of organizations’ costs are waste management

  • 300 to 700 lbs of material makes up one cubicle

Greener Source delivers value back to you while creating opportunities for registered non-profits, such as schools, charities and clinics, by providing sustainable workspace solutions.

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What Customers Are Saying

  • When it comes to decommissioning furniture, Greener Source does everything for us and is always so professional. We would never consider using anyone else.

    TJ Bianchi - President of Deerfield Realty

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Our accessible team of 50+ employees and warehouse space over 75,000 square feet is constantly growing and able to reach networks across North America. Schools, nonprofits, charities, and other families of business benefit from reusable materials that lead to safer and more effective work areas. When Greener Source connects resources, we direct change in the standard of workspace liquidation by building greener workspaces straight from the source.