Zero Waste Benefits Three Austin Nonprofits
  • Case Study

Over 1.6 tons of material have been removed from the Unity site at 2815 Manor Road, Austin TX. 100% of that was diverted from landfill!


In a single day, Greener Source successfully removed 1.6 tons of office furniture from an Austin, TX based technology company. From this single building project, 100% of the decommission was donated to three surrounding area charitable organizations. 

Challenge(s) & Solution

Though this project took place with covid-19 safety precautions and regulations required for the safety of Greener Source team members and the client, less than 24 hours were allocated and necessary for the project to be completed. Every piece of furniture collected was inspected and donated to three registered nonprofits within the neighboring communities of Austin, including the Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center, Bastrop County Children’s Advocacy Center, and Andy Roddick Foundation.

Helping to make resources extend beyond first-use is the driving force behind Greener Source. Choosing to thoughtfully liquidate, donate and recycle ensures the greatest impact for our communities. Our passion is what makes the difference.

Darryl Denny, Founder/COO, Greener Source —


Over 1.6 tons of material were removed from the project site in Austin, TX, and of that, every last piece was donated to registered nonprofits, creating a 100% waste diversion rate