Frequently Asked

For Companies & Charitable Organizations


Who is eligible for no cost office furniture and items?

  • Nonprofits
  • Religious organizations
  • Schools/Teachers
  • Philanthropic groups

How do I sign my nonprofit organization up to receive donations?

  • Browse available inventory
  • Request desired items
  • Complete the registration form
  • Await confirmation

How are confirmed items delivered?

Items will be delivered directly to your facility and unloaded outside, tailgate style, at the curb. You will need to have staff or volunteers on site to receive the donation, carry the items into your facility. Assembly, space planning and moving services are available, reach out for a quote.

Is delivery free?

Greener Sources delivers items, free of charge, within a 50mile radius of the project address on the date items are being removed from a workspace. Deliveries outside of that area are available for a fee and we are happy to provide a quote. Inside delivery and installation services are available, reach out for a quote.

Can I pick my items up?

Unfortunately, due to confidentiality and insurance concerns, we are not able to allow our charitable partners to pick items up from project addresses. Some of our available items are overstock and housed in our Hayward Warehouse. Those items are available for pick-up with prearranged appointments.

What condition will the items arrive in?

Greener Source is diligent in conveying the condition of the items via photos and descriptions on the inventory on our website. All furniture will be working and functional. Always feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Representatives with any questions or for additional information. Call 1-650-756-0999 Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm PST. Please note: all items are donated “as is”.

How are decisions made as to who gets what?

Number of items requested- the more the better! Proximity to the project- closest gets priority. Overall need- we want to help people who are helping others. Greener Source does try to get donations to NPO’s of all sizes and types, if at first your request is not approved- PLEASE KEEP REQUESTING!

Why do you ask for feedback and photos related to the donated items?

Greener Source clients like to know how their donations benefit the community. Testimonials and case studies help us spread the word, which helps to keep unwanted items out of landfill and in the hands of those who need it most. Marketing content at it’s finest!

How can I see what items are currently available?

Register your non-profit by filling out the form at the following link:

If the item has a locking mechanism, will the keys come with?

Doubtful, but do not fear, Easy Keys can sell you replacement keys for just about any manufacturer.

What if the items I want are located outside of my area?

Although finding items to suit your needs close to home is preferred, Greener Source can offer a quote to ship your items to you, based on availability on a case by case basis.

I found items that perfectly fit my needs, unfortunately, I don’t need them for a few months. Can you store the items until I am ready for them?

Yes, just request a handling & storage quote.

How can I guarantee the items I requested will fit in my space?

Greener Source has a team of experts waiting to help. Schedule a session with one of our space planners to design the perfect environment for your organization.



Will Greener Source take my unwanted office furniture and items for donation?

Greener Source is a for profit business, focusing on performing our work in the most sustainable way. Businesses hire us to decommission, liquidate, recycle, refurbish, and dispose of unwanted office furniture. We prefer to keep unwanted furniture that cannot be resold out of the land fill by donating it to nonprofit organizations. Please do let us know if you would like to be contacted by one of our Project Managers to receive a quote.

What is included in the provided reports?

  • Tonnage diverted from landfill
  • Tonnage recycled
  • Tonnage resold
  • Tonnage donated
  • Tonnage of CO2 diverted
  • Number of charities helped
  • Number of people impacted by those charities
  • NPO receipts, photos and testimonials

What does the Greener Source process look like?

Assess & quote-Greener Source sends an expert to evaluate the situation and provide a recommended path forward. Resell, donate & recycle- years of experience in the furniture industry give us the leg up in getting the most value out of your unwanted items Report & support- everyone cares about the environment and stakeholders LOVE a report that shows they are doing their part!

What is the recommended project timeline?

There are many factors to consider regarding project timelines. At A Greener Source, this is a per project discussion with the customer at time of quotation.