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Waste Diversion Rate Explained


Waste diversion rate refers to the amount of material (or trash) a business deflects from landfill. For example, when a business experiences an event that requires the removal of furniture, like moving or downsizing, the amount of furniture or material NOT disposed of via landfill compared to every item removed makes up the diversion rate. 

For example, if a company removes 10 tons of furniture, and 6 are repurposed, the diversion rate would be 60%. That’s 6 tons less contributing to the 9M tons of office furniture wasted annually. 

At Greener Source, we designed a thorough process allowing businesses to salvage every eligible item or material, either through resell, donation or recycling, before proper disposal is finally necessary. 

We provide businesses eco-friendly ways to repurpose furniture they no longer use and connect registered nonprofits to high-quality items at no cost, so that 75% or more of items are diverted from every project. 


It’s important for businesses to note their waste diversion rate in order to better understand the impact they’re making on the environment, especially when choosing furniture pieces to outfit a space for the first time. When these items are no longer needed or replaced, where they end up directly affects our communities, local waste facilities and overall operating efficiency. 

When the Greener Source team first consults a business for decommissioning, each area is surveyed for which items will be removed and appropriately prepared and allocated to either be resold, donated or recycled.

Many factors may deter businesses from these best practices, but a larger influence stems from the lack of awareness of how or why to divert waste in the first place. Greener Source’s dedicated and knowledgeable team is focused on helping businesses streamline each step while saving time, money and resources, and ultimately protecting the environment. 


Whether you’re spring cleaning your workspace or undergoing a large liquidation for your business, diverting waste takes just a little extra effort in order to make a great difference, and Greener Source is happy to manage it all from beginning to end.

When looking at your own company, and before deciding to dispose of furniture, first take a look at the items you intend to remove from your workspace. 

Can they be resold to another business or donated to a deserving nonprofit? What materials are they made of, and can they be recycled?

By finding or giving unused furniture a new home or breaking it down into recyclable materials like plastic, metal and glass, your waste diversion rate will rise, increasing your sustainability and efficiency, and altogether, protecting our planet. 

Greener Source is here to lead you through the entire green decommissioning process, learn more here.