Over 58 tons of Material Diverted in Week-long Project
  • Case Study

Over 78 tons of material was removed from the VVA site at 525 Market Street, San Francisco, and of that, over 75% was diverted from landfill. 


In less than two weeks, Greener Source decommissioned over 78 tons of office furniture and material from a two-story commercial business space in San Francisco, CA.

Challenge(s) & Solution

Though an original 15 day timeline was projected, the Greener Source team was able to complete the decommission project in seven days. Without sacrificing quality of service or attention to detail, the shorter than expected completion date included the collection of over 300 workstations, 165 storage cabinets and 250 ancillary items across 21 private offices and 13 conference rooms.

“By helping businesses realize the full potential of their furniture items during the decommissioning process, we eliminate single-use thinking. This allows us to support our community and planet as much as possible by showing companies how to reduce their impact on the environment.”

— Jennifer Denny, CEO, Greener Source —



With over 78 tons of office furniture items and materials collected, Greener Source was able to divert over 75% from landfill via resell, recycling and donations of over 75 pieces of furniture benefiting six different nonprofit organizations and schools.