Greener Source: One Woman’s Quest to Save the Planet One Piece of Furniture at a Time
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Bay Area-based office space decommissioning company Greener Source is saving surplus office furniture fated for landfill by reselling, donating, or recycling it. CEO Jennifer Denny founded Greener Source to resolve the rise in furniture waste created by businesses that closed or moved during the pandemic. Once businesses reopened, Denny continued to repurpose office furniture and create a second life for used inventory instead of throwing it away.

With 23 years of experience in the office furniture industry, Denny made it her goal to provide decommissioning services that achieve as close to 100% of waste diversion as possible. By reselling unwanted items, donating high-quality furniture, and recycling materials, Greener Source’s mission is to completely decommission office spaces with care and provide the best solution for each project and the environment.

“By helping businesses realize the full potential of their furniture items during the decommissioning process, we eliminate single-use thinking,” says Denny. “This allows us to support our community and planet as much as possible by showing companies how to reduce their impact on the environment.”

Each April, Greener Source celebrates Earth Day by reflecting on the amount of furniture saved and lives changed since the start of the New Year and sets a goal to steadily increase its community impact. From May to December 2022, 170,000 pounds of furniture was donated across 105 nonprofit transactions, and since March 2023, Greener Source has diverted over 114,000 pounds through donations.


Better Source was founded in 2003, a brick-and-mortar style office design and pre-owned furniture business, to build better workspaces. A family business, Greener Source was co-founded by Denny’s husband and Greener Source COO Darryl Denny, also President of Better Source. Better Source now runs in conjunction with Greener Source, facilitating furniture resell and providing access to 50,000 square feet of warehouse space, which affords Greener Source organization and storage of inventory marked for donation.

The combined capabilities of the two sister companies enable Greener Source to reach customers nationwide. The Greener Source website includes an online registry and real-time catalog for nonprofits to sign up to request furniture and are matched by Chief Philanthropy and Community Engagement Officer Valérie Suarès, the primary contact through the donation process.

Jennifer Denny and Greener Source extend the life cycle of secondhand furniture in anticipation of building better, greener, and waste-free furniture solutions for the planet. “We’re not just doing what’s good, but what’s right,” Denny says. “When you choose to work with Greener Source, you’re doing the same.”


About Greener Source

Greener Source, woman-owned and sustainable, completely decommissions offices and other spaces with surplus furniture, providing donations to nonprofits, reselling used inventory for companies, and recycling materials, diverting waste from landfill.