Single Day Decommission Removes Over Nine Tons
  • Case Study

Over 9.3 tons of material have been removed from the Exelixis site at 1751 Harbor Parkway, Alameda, and of that, 73.3% of that was diverted from landfill!


Projected for three days, the Greener Source team began a decommission for a biotechnology company located in Alameda, CA. However, in just one day, 9.3 tons of material was removed and over 73% was diverted from landfill.

Challenge(s) & Solution

Completed with covid 19 safety regulations in place, the decommission included the removal of over 265 office furniture items including task chairs, storage and locker cabinets, bench seating, workstations and more. Many items remained in good condition, resulting in over 20% resold and 52% of materials recycled. By assessing each item carefully during the decommission process, the maximum amount of eligible items, due to quality, were kept out of landfill.

“By helping businesses realize the full potential of their furniture items during the decommissioning process, we eliminate single-use thinking. This allows us to support our community and planet as much as possible by showing companies how to reduce their impact on the environment.”

— Jennifer Denny, CEO, Greener Source —


Of the total 9.3 tons of material removed from site, 73.3% of furniture pieces were repurposed via resale and recycling. By diverting over 265 workstations from landfill, Greener Source helped significantly reduce the company’s footprint on the environment.